Monday, July 25, 2011


Here we are.  21 weeks.  I can hardly believe that we are over the halfway hump already.  These weeks have flown by.
Sully is an active little boy.  It feels like he is swimming laps in my tummy.  I still get nauseated sometimes from all the movement, but I have been getting better at controlling it.  He must know I am writing about him because he has started his swimming around!

How far along?  21 weeks, 3 days. 

Weight gain/loss:   I am one measly pound above my pre-pregnancy weight.  Since I am still battling the nausea, I have lost and gained the same 10lbs since the beginning. 

Maternity clothes?  Mostly.  I am still wearing a couple of my old dresses, but otherwise, it is all maternity.  I did notice this week that my favorite maternity shirt that I bought about a month ago is too small for my belly.  It starts to ride up if I wear it.  Sad...

Stretch marks? A few.  Like I said before, my stomach scar is making some pretty gnarly ones.

Sleep?  All the time. :-)  I get up quite frequently to pee thanks to this little guy, but otherwise, I am sleeping all the time... and usually by 8:30pm. :-)

Best moment this week?  After a few weeks of feeling Sully's little movements, I felt a good, hard kick on Saturday.. I loved it.  Oh and nonpregnancy related:  My baby brother landed in Kuwait and I finally heard from him today.  We IM'ed for a few minutes and I cried.  Let's pray this year speeds by.

Food cravings:  Nothing specific this week but last week had the nausea almost every day so this week I have a pretty ravenous appetite!

Gender:  It's a BOY!  Hooray for Sullivan!

Belly button in or out?  In, thank goodness!.

Movement?  Every day.. I love it.

What I miss?  I still miss sleeping on my stomach.

What I'm looking forward to:  25 weeks... and viability.  And of course, I always look forward to my appointments so I can see how awesome my little prince is growing.

Have a good Monday ladies!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a....


A big, healthy baby boy!  I can't believe I was wrong!  I totally thought "girl" the whole time, but I am just as thrilled to hear that we are having a boy!

We had our 20 week scan and appointment yesterday and it was wonderful.  I always have a giant freak out the day before an appointment so Sunday I was kind of a wreck.  I just don't even want to go in and hear that there is something wrong.  Fertiles just will never understand how lucky they are to never have those panicked moments.
We didn't have our normal ultrasound tech, but the lady we had was an acceptable replacement.  We told her ahead of time that we wanted to know the gender and as soon as she put the wand on my belly and I saw the baby move, I cried.  Almost immediately she said, "Are you ready to know?  Baby already flashed me!"  I guess the baby was none to shy to show off his little business.

When she told us he was a boy, Robert even teared up.  He wanted a boy all along and was so excited to learn that we would have a son.

The tech looked at his whole little body and everything is 100% spot on.  His heart, brain, umbilical cord, bones, everything looked great.  He is almost a full pound and growing and measuring just like he should be.
And yes, I am sure you are wondering if we have a name picked out and the answer is yes. ;-)
Here he is, Sullivan James:

Profile of face, tummy and arm. :-)

After they took a good, long peek at Sully ( I  love calling him by his name instead of "The Baby") Dr. S came in and checked up on me.  I am the picture of health!  I have been trying so hard to have the healthiest pregnancy so far, and looks like I am succeeding.  My weight and blood pressure are awesome. I am still suffering from the nausea and vomiting pretty badly. Dr. S said that can be because Mr. Sully is so active and he is rubbing against my stomach, causing it to churn.
The only other downside is I have developed pregnancy carpel tunnel.  Over the last three weeks, I have been waking up in the middle of the night with a pins and needles feeling in my hands.  It almost felt like my hands were asleep.  I was nervous that I was having a circulation issue, but Dr. S said that it is actually carpel tunnel that is brought on by pregnancy.  He told me that it will get worse as the pregnancy goes on, but it should go away after Sullivan is born.  It isn't too bad right now, but if it gets worse, they will give me splints to wear.

Robert was even so excited that we went and registered last night.  I mean, who doesn't love roaming around Target with a scanning gun?  We decided on baby blue, chocolate brown and ivory for the nursery.  I want to keep it simple and chic.

I feel so blessed to be halfway through and to know that Sully is growing so perfectly.  I cannot wait to meet him and snuggle him. This is all so exciting.  I think I am finally going to relax a little and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy.  It is a nice feeling.

Monday, July 11, 2011

On a good note....

It is my two year wedding anniversary today.  With his party coming up and the baby on the way, we decided to save some cash and not do anything special this year.  As I am sitting at my desk after lunch, a guy walks in with this cute little bouquet and says, "I have a delivery for Courtney."

I was shocked!  I must have looked at him like he had six heads!  Robert had sent me flowers.

This is where I need to tell you about a little inside thing between me and my fantastic better half.  We have this little thing where I say, "Do you love me?"  And he says, "Yes."  And then I say, "How much?"  And then he say, "Like on a scale of 1-10?  Umm... 22."  And then I always tell him that I love him 23.

Happy Anniversary Honey!
I love you 22.

How sweet is that card?  :-)  I am so lucky. 

I still have bummer days

Don't get me wrong:  I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life with this baby on the way, but sometimes, you just can't avoid the bummer days. 

I should probably just say that I hate the four weeks in between my appointments.  In my heart, I know things are fine and I am doing everything I can, but in the back of my mind, sometimes the "what ifs" creep their way back in.  I have been having some round ligament pain and lots of stretching.  I have talked to Dr. S about this and I know it is normal, but every twinge puts me a little bit on edge. Yesterday, the what ifs got the better of me.

There I was, half clothed, in my bathroom, brushing my teeth, when I just started to cry.  Robert came in and I just fell into his chest and sobbed.  He reassured me that everything was fine, and baby was fine, and everything was going to be great. Of course, I knew he was right, but I justn eeded to cry it out.  We have our A/S and check in 7 days and I know it is going to be the longest 7 days of my life.  I just want that confirmation that everything is ok and how it should be.
12 weeks was our first big milestone, and then now 20 weeks is the big milestone and the next milestone on deck: 25 weeks; viability.  I knew how badly I wanted this, but this weekend has just intensified it.

We had baby Lily again on Saturday and it was so perfect.  Robert just dotes on her.  He always calls her his "best girl" and makes sure that she is happy and smiley all the time. Having her for the day again just makes more excited about our addition.  Also, it is the cutest thing when Lily come because our dog just ADORES Lily!  Look a this baby/dog cuteness:

Now how can people say that all pitbulls are vicious?!

I could use some positive energy today ladies.  And keep your fingers crossed that this week flys by!

Friday, July 8, 2011

19 Weeks and a photo!

Morning all!

This will probably be short one but I figured it was about time that I get the obligatory belly pic up.
Today we are 19 weeks.  Everything is going well.  I am still dealing with the nausea, but the Zofran has been a life saver.
Dr. Sebastian said that I can start weaning off the Prometrium if I'd like.  He said to just start taking it every other day unless I am cramping or spotting.  I talked myself up all day yesterday.  I was telling myself that I wasn't going to take my Prometrium that night, and I was going to be done with it, and not worry anymore...

........yea... I talk a BIG game.  I ended up taking my Prometrium last night, and I am going to pay the $200 to get a refill.  I always have the option of weaning off of it at my next appointment, but I think I am going to wait until then.  I just want that confirmation that everything is fine.  My appointment is in 10 days, and I am just going to keep taking it until then.  It has been like my security blanket throughout this pregnancy and I am not ready to let it go yet.

Also, here is your 19 week belly photo.  Please excuse the 482,349,823 chins.  Between my already round face and the intense humidity, I am suffering from E.F.F.- Extreme Fat Face.

Baby K -19 Weeks!

Have a good Friday!  TGIF!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sidewalk Days

Working in the downtown part of my city can kind of be a drag, especially in the summer time.
The streets are alternatingly (if that is a word) one ways, there are summer vacation minded teens that wander around with no care for passing motorists and narrow, cobble bricked streets.  One of the perks though, is Sidewalk Days.  For three short days in July, store owners and food vendors have booths outside and sell everything from clothes, jewelry, accessories and all the fried food my little pregnant heart desires.
On either side of the main drag, there is gyros and chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick.  Let's face it:  If it is covered in chocolate, and on a stick, if has to be delish.
There is car shows and music. Fresh lemonade and giant sales.  It is an all around good time.
On these days, I eat super healthy for the whole day so I don't feel guilty about completely gorging myself at lunch.  Yesterday Lynn, Kris and I went walking in Sidewalk Sales for lunch.  We had a corn dog and cheese curds with a dessert of mini donuts.  It was pretty amazing. 
We did walk about two miles though so that would burn off at least the cheese curds... right? :-)

I also think that Baby K loved the mini donuts!  After my meal of friend goodness, I was sitting at my desk and baby was moving like crazy!  I felt lots of little pokes, kicks and somersaults.  It was pretty awesome.  We are only 11 short days away from finding out the gender and we are so excited!
Have a good day ladies! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Humidity and Humanity

OK Mother Nature; enough of your bullshit.  I live in Northern Minnesota for the crying out loud.  90 degrees outside with the humidity at 92%..... Really?! 

This weekend was pretty uncomfortable for this preggo.  We got a TON of rain and then it immediately became hot.  We have been dealing with this pretty wicked humidity since Friday.  I have basically planted my butt in front of the AC and tried not to move.  It is always sexy when you are so sweaty, that my newly engorged boobs stuck to my protruding baby belly.  HAWT.  Oh, and also, I laughed so hard yesterday when Robert and I were cleaning house, that I peed.  Yep.... peed.  Robert laughed, I cried out of embarrassment; it was quite the sight.  Thankfully my office building is nice and cool today.

I suppose that takes care of the humidity part of my post, let's get to the humanity.

After work on Friday, Robert and I had to run to Target and the grocery store.  I wanted to get everything done in one fell swoop so  I wouldn't have to run errands this weekend.  Anyway, I ended up getting some Popsicles at Target.  I didn't want them to melt in the car, so I told Robert I would drop him and the stuff from Target off at home, and I would fly solo to the grocery store for a quick run.
As I was leaving, Robert told me to hurry back because it looked like it was going to thunder storm.  By the time I was halfway through my grocery run, the exhaustion hit.  I was so tired, so hot and my feet were starting to swell.  I just wanted to be home.  After I checked out and bagged my groceries, I walked outside and it was POURING RAIN.  Not just like, "Wow, that's coming down in sheets." But more like, "Wow, is someone dumping an entire ocean on the grocery store?"

I must have looked completely drained and defeated as I stared out at the torrential downpour.  Just as I was contemplating how I was going to accomplish a mad dash sprint with my purse, belly and groceries, a little angel came.  This boy, who couldn't have been more than 12 years old, came up to me and said, "Hey.  How about I watch your cart and you get your car and back it up here."  Dumbfounded at his kindness, I took him up on his offer. I ran like hell to my car and backed it up to the entrance. 
Just as I popped my trunk and got out to load my groceries, he says to me, "Sit down.  My mom is pregnant too, and you look tired.  I can take care of it."  This little boy loaded all my groceries for me.  In the rain. On his own accord.
I could feel my cheeks get hot and I knew that I was going to cry.  I grabbed a $5 bill out of my wallet and handed it to the boy.  I told him how nice it was that he did that, how much I appreciated it and that he made my night.  He was so excited to get the money. He looked so surprised that I gave it to him.
As I drove away, the tears fell.  I couldn't believe that there were still these awesome people in the world.  I suppose this is where I tell you that I worked in the Public Schools for six years prior to legal aid, so my faith in teenagers is basically non existent. 
When I got home, I was in full sob mode and I am sure I scared the crap out of Robert.  I reassured him that everything was fine and that I was just so relieved to know that there are still angels out there.
I hope that boy buys something nice for himself.  I also hope he knows that good deeds do not go unnoticed.
I know there was definitely a spring in my step and I will be paying it forward just a little bit thanks to my grocery store angel.