Thursday, November 21, 2013


Wow, I really haven't posted since July?!  I swear, I am in the fastest time warp of my life.  Excuse me while I get my bearings.

One week ago, something super awesome happened.  Sullivan turned 2.  Yep, I have a two year old.  I really can't explain how awesome he his.  He continues to amaze us with how incredibly smart he is.  It shocks me sometimes.  Here are some things he is currently doing:

* Speaking in full sentences almost all the time.
* Using consistent manners (please, thank you, excuse me)
* Counting backwards and forwards from 10
* Do his ABCs

And pretty much a billion other things but those are the ones that shock the heck outta me because he is only 2.  He is loving and caring and handsome and funny.  I always ask him, "Who's my best friend?"  and he yells, "MEEEEEEE!"  Gawd, I love that kid!

The most important thing happened in September.  Sully had a follow up with his cardiologist in Minneapolis.  Sully's next valve surgery was always slated for age 3-4.  Well, Sully had an echo done and they found out that Sully is continuing to defy odds and his valve is functioning so well, that they are pushing back the surgery to THIRD GRADE!  That means Sully will be 8 or 9!  WOW!  I was so excited, that I threw up!  Haha!

In other good news, Sully's pal Colten, who if you remember from my last posts, has surprised us all and has been home for 2 months!  He has a trach and a feeding tube, but it is our hopes they they are temporary!  He is smiley and sweet and catching up on everything!  He spent the first 7 months of his life in the hospital!  Can you believe that?!
I have been horrible about the blog and that really bums me out.  You can follow me on Instagram and get your fill of Sully cuteness.  My user name is MamaOfSullyJames.

I have been reading the blogs every day and I'm really glad I got around to posting!  I miss you guys!  I will leave you with a catch up photo dump!

Happy Birthday, Baby Bear!

Playing "guys" with Daddy

Two Year Pics

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin!  Good carving, Mama!

Playing in your jammies and a fedora... the usual.. :-)

My little Ninja Turtle

Daddy and "Raphael"

My best friend

Fall fun at the Apple Orchard!

I love you!

Sully and his cardiologist celebrating the awesome news!

Sully and Grandma on the wheeler!

My pal!

Well, I guess that sums us up!  I hope to connect more and hope you find me on instagram!
Let's chat soon!
Much love and we miss you all!

Courtney, Robert, and Sully!