Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Showers and 4D ultrasound!

Morning all!

It has been a really crazy few weeks.  We had our baby shower in Minneapolis with Robert's family this past weekend and it was a lot of fun.  His family is thrilled to pieces about Sully upcoming birth and it is nice to feel so loved.
Our niece Jourdan is thirteen years old.  She is in the midst of the total Teen Queen thing.  Lots of over done make up, boy drama and Justin Bieber.  I didn't think for a million years that a baby shower would appeal to her; but she was so excited to come.  Jourdan had been asking me about Sully and Sully's room and wanted to know all the colors I wanted for it.  I knew she was up to something. 
When she got to the party, Jourdan asked that I open hers last because she wanted me to wait. 
I opened up adorable clothes, the perfect set of bottles, baby monitors, teethers and countless little socks.
When it came time for the last gift, I thought Jourdan was going to burst. 
What I opened was the most adorable baby blanket that she had made all by herself.  It is a felt tie blanket and she had done it all perfectly.  She was so proud of herself.  I had to wink back a tear because I could not believe that this 8th grade diva had taken a break from Bieber-Fever to make this beautiful and special blanket for her new cousin.  It really made my day.

The print says, "I love my Mommy, I love my Daddy."

The baby shower trip was our last weekend trip to Minneapolis until after Sully is born.  It is about a 300 mile round trip drive and it is getting too uncomfortable for me to travel that long in a car and Dr. S wants me to make sure that I take it easy.  I still can't believe that next time we take that trip down I-35, we will be a family of three. :-)

We had our growth ultrasound yesterday.  My belly was measuring about a week ahead of schedule at my appointment 2 weeks ago so Dr. S wanted to see how much was Sully and how much was just my belly.  I was really excited to have the ultrasound.  Usually on Mondays, the tech is a women named Nancy and I just adore her.  She knows our situation and takes extra pictures for me.  When the tech came out to get me, it wasn't Nancy and I had never been with this person before.  Most of the staff in the office knows me from all of our IF stuff, so I was concerned that this appointment would not go well because this woman was obviously unfamiliar with me and my... well.. special needs.. haha.

When we got to the room, I was feeling anxious.  She wasn't really talking much and was all business.  She put the wand on my belly and just started taking measurements.  She said that his head was right on and that he was 3lbs 7oz.  He is measuring right to the day and it is my amniotic fluid that is causing my belly to measure bigger.  Dr. S says my amniotic fluid is slightly elevated, but that it is nothing to worry about.
As the scan continued, I thought for sure I was going to leave this appointment with no new pictures to look at.  Then I heard her flip the switch... 4D time.  The tech was able to locate Sully's face and snap some adorable pictures of our little guy! 

He's got his hand up by his mouth and he looks deep in thought.. Haha!

The tech and I both noticed right away how chubby his cheeks are!  My side of the family has really large apples of our cheeks and looks like Mr. Sullivan James got them too!  I know I am pretty biased, but I think he is already the bees knees.... :-)
To add to my already awesome day yesterday, I got confirmation that my Dad and Sandymom are coming home from North Carolina Dec. 9 for a five day visit.  I can't even wait.  I am sure my parents are gonna be over the moon for this grandson.  My dad calls him his little "feller." 

Robert and I are going to do some shopping tonight and get a few odds and ends that we still need for our little man.  We are hoping to start renovating the nursery this weekend.  We are slightly behind on that!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Shower!

Morning ladies!

I am feeling a tad on the huge side this morning.  One of my favorite maternity shirts no longer covers my belly.  I thought it was absolutely hilarious that I pulled it on and when I turned around to check out my hotness in the mirror, I could see a big swath of pale, belly staring back at me.  Apparently I need to get a few more work shirts!

This past weekend, we had our 1st baby shower.  The whole day felt so surreal.  I had waited so long to get my chance to be the one that was pregnant and having the baby shower; not the helpful friend throwing the baby shower.  I could barely sleep on Friday night.  I felt like a little kid that was waiting for Santa to come and bring the coolest things ever.  I woke up ungodly early and spent extra time doing my hair and makeup.  I wanted to look perfect.

When I got to my grandma's I could barely hold in my excitement. I actually had to excuse myself a few times because I thought I was just going to completely lose it and start crying.  Tons of my friends and family came.  We had a big brunch, told stories and everyone rubbed my belly talked to Sully. 
I was blown away by how generous everyone was.  Sully made a haul!  We got the cutest clothes, blankets, diapers and toys ever!  My grandma got us the car seat and stroller.  We actually had to have my aunt follow us home after the party because not everything would fit in our car!

When we got home, Robert and I sat on the couch and took the tags and packaging off of everything.  I wanted to lay everything out and just look at it.  I was imagining putting on his little overalls, and having tummy time on his new playmat.  It was so wonderful.  Robert was even smiling ear to ear as he took the tags off his little, sports onesies.  We decided to put the stroller together so we could get the box broken down.  (Hey!  It is recycling day!  I didn't want all that cardboard in the house!)  This is the part where I should tell you that the directions on this assembly, were ridiculous.  The diagrams are about an inch high and the instructions don't really tell you how to put it together; it just said, 'Snap! .... into place!"  Well, it didn't really go like that. :-)
There was some cuss words coming out of Robert's mouth and I was sitting on the couch giggling.  Ever now and then he would shoot me a light hearted stink eye until finally.... victory!

He was pretty proud of himself!

We have our baby shower with Robert's family this weekend in Minneapolis.  This is also our last trip there until after Sully comes.  Dr. S doesn't want me to sit in a car for long distances and besides, the traffic in Minneapolis, couple with awful drivers, is enough to send me into labor!  I am so excited to have that shower too!  I know Robert's family is just as excited as we are!

Have a good Tuesday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I couldn't help myself.. I am just so happy!

How far along?  28w4d

Weight gain/loss:   My doc said I was down to pounds from my last visit, but my weight has fluctuated so much with the hyperemesis.  As long as my boy is healthy, I am OK!

Maternity clothes?  Oh course.  The real funny thing today was that some of my underpants are getting snug now... haha.

Stretch marks?  Yep, but not terrible.  The ones around my tummy scar are already fading a little, but I did notice a few new ones on my tatas. 

Sleep?  That part is getting tough.  I have been dealing with a little bit of sciatica lately so sleeping it kind of uncomfortable sometimes.  And because I chug water like an Olympic sprinter, I spend the majority of my time peeing.

Best moment this week?  Passing my GD test!  I was really worried about that so I was relieved to find out the both Sully and I were super healthy!

Food cravings:  I had a giant pickle craving today that made me feel like a huge cliche, but luckily my friend owns a deli down the street from my office so I scooted my butt down there at lunch and she was more than happy to oblige.  And, I have also had a hankering for 888 dip!  My mom and aunt starting making it years ago and it is DELISH!  It is equal parts (usually 8 oz, thus 888 dip) of cream cheese, con queso, sour cream and canned chicken.  I usually use half the amount of chicken.  Then you put it all in a crock pot and let it all melt together.  Eat it with tortilla tips and you will swear you died and landed in cheesy heaven!

Gender:   Boy!

Belly button in or out?  It is still about half and half.

Movement?  He is really finicky.  He doesn't like my arm resting on my belly, and he quiets down at night now.  He is active almost all day while I am at work and hits me in the bladder at least fifty times a day while I am at my desk. :-)

What I miss?  I still only miss sleeping on my tummy.

What I'm looking forward to:  My first baby shower is Saturday!  It is finally my day!  I am pretty sure my mom is getting me a tiara....

Milestones:  Hitting my third trimester!

Mom and Sully!
September 12, 2011 :-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

28 weeks and GD Testing

28w 3d.

I can't even believe it sometimes.  I am actually in my third trimester and Sully will be here in less than 12 weeks.  It is still so surreal.
I had my 28 week check up and GD screening done yesterday.  I was dreading drinking that stuff because I had heard absolute horror stories about it and since I just stopped vomiting, I was nervous that it would make me sick.  I also was panicky because I most certainly did not want the complication of gestational diabetes.
To my surprise, the drink wasn't that bad.  It was icy cold, which I think helped, and I got the lemon lime variety.  It just tastes like fountain pop syrup.  I thought I was going to have my appointment during the hour I had to wait, but they were completely backed up, so I had to park it in the waiting room and catch up on celeb gossip in the pages of People.
There were five of us preggos in the waiting room doing the GD screening.  We all thought that it was funny that there was so many of us, so one of them joked, "Hey, maybe we should turn this into a drinking game.  Anyone up for quarters?"
It was a nice laugh for some of us who are always tense at the OB.
After my timer went off, the nurse pricked my finger and took my blood.  I swear, I was sweating like a whore in church while I was waiting for that little machine to beep and tell me my fate.
Luckily, I passed with flying colors!  Woot woot!  No GD for this lady!  I was really relieved.
After my blood draw, I met with Dr. S and a nursing student.  I generally don't care to have strangers in the room but after all my IF stuff, my dignity has basically flown the coop.  And, this girl seemed really nice.
He measured my belly, listened to Sully's awesome heart beat and checked on how things had been going with me.  He was thrilled to hear about my glucose and my hemoglobin.  I guess most pregnant ladies have a tough time mainting their hemoglobin and it dips below 11, but mine was holding strong at 15.6 so he was impressed by that. 
He decided to do a growth check at my ultrasound in 2 weeks, (yep... I will go in every 2 weeks now... )
because my belly is measuring a week ahead, but since I had a belly prior to getting pregnant, he wants to see how much of my belly is Sully and how much is me. :-)
At this point, I am thinking that no appointment can get better than this and I am ready to walk about the door and call my troops with an update, when Dr. S throws the curve ball.  Seeing as I am now in my third trimester, they are going to start checking me for dilation.  Ugh.  I really hate having someone elbow deep in my vag at 8am.  Both Dr. S and the med student gave it a go before it was discovered that my cervix is too high and they needed to use the internal ultrasound to check dilation.  I don't think I have even been more grateful to see that wand in my life.  The manual check was very uncomfortable.
I am not dilated at all and everything in that area is in excellent shape.
I still can't believe that I will be going every 2 weeks now, and then every week! It is getting so close. :-)

I also tried my hand at being crafty.  Those who know me in the real world know that I just don't have a knack for crafts, but I knew I wanted to do something special for my little boy.  I waddled my preggo behind into Michael's and bought a little plaque, and some paint, and some wood glue and letters, and here is the final product:

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

Hope all is well with the rest of you gals!