Thursday, November 10, 2011

Verdict: Preeclampsia

I got my test results back yesterday and turns out that I do in fact have preeclampsia.  I am absolutely heartbroken over this.  I know there isn't anything I could have differently, but I am still disappointed.
The protein testing they did on my urine, came back yesterday.  The normal range is 28-141 and anything elevated above that is preeclampsia.  My protein level was 623.  Yea... I really got it up there didn't I?

Luckily, I got to speak to Dr. S's nurse, Heather, yesterday, whom I adore.  At my biophysical profile ultrasound today, they are looking for four things, for a total of eight points.  The four things are: Fetal Movement, Fetal Tone, Breathing and Amniotic fluid levels.  Each of the four things are worth two points a piece, giving me 8 points.
Depending on what they see at this ultrasound at 11:00am, they can either decide to do a C -Section today, they could induce today or they could schedule either of those for next week.  It looks like I am heading towards some bed rest.  :-(  I wasn't prepared to leave work so early, but I am grateful that I have such an amazing temp coming for me. 
To be completely honest, I am scared to death.  I just want him here and safe.  I don't want to come this far and have something be wrong.  I have tried so hard to have such a good, healthy pregnancy, and this is kind of making me feel like a failure.

I keep staring at the clock and hoping these next 26 minutes speed by so I can leave and go to my appointment.  Send your prayers and positive vibes this way!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pre-Eclampsia Testing?!

Morning all!

I have lots to report this morning so let's see if I can get my crazy brain to remember it all.
I am spacing on if I have posted about this one nurse I don't particularly care for at Dr. S' office.  I had her do my vitals one other time, about 2 months ago, and she was completely incompetent.  She took my blood pressure and told me it was some ungodly high number and I pointed out that she still had air in the cuff.  Miss Priss Ass denied any wrong doing and I had to come back the following day for another check, and shockingly, when someone completed the blood pressure check correctly, my blood pressure was fine.
Anyhey, I had Blondie yesterday and of course, my blood pressure came back 150/100.  I just rolled my eyes and waited to see Dr. S.  This is also where I am gonna say, hey!  I am giantly pregnant, I have to pee like a race horse, I just waddled 2 blocks and the very first thing you do is take my blood pressure!?  Gimme a minute, huh?
I had my appointment with Dr. S and everything looks great there.  I am about a centimeter dilated and everything is on track.  He shook my hand, said, "See ya next week," and I was on my way.  Just as I had gotten my underpants back on, he popped his head in.  He said that he was concerned about my blood pressure and because I was full term this week, he wanted me to go to the birthing center. 


Now, I obviously don't mind doing what is best for Sully, but I knew that it was because this chick had no idea how to take a blood pressure.  I shared my thoughts with Dr. S, but of course, it was better to be safe than sorry. 
I called Robert and work and started to cry.  I really was angry about having to miss more hours of work and because Robert was saving his time too, I knew I would have to go by myself. I moved my car to the hospital lot and trudged up to the birthing center.  They ordered a urine test and blood work. 
They took my blood pressure right away and it was already lower than the reading Suck Butt Nurse had gotten.  They hooked me up to monitors and I got to listen to Sully's awesome heart beat again.  I had a really nice nurse assigned to me at the birthing center.  She was really chatty and sweet. 
The attending doctor came in to talk to me as well and explain a little more that Dr. S was concerned about pre-eclampsia.  I told her that I had had no other signs of it like swelling, headaches or blurry vision.  In fact, I have been really lucky in the swelling department.  She said that sometimes they catch it so early that you don't have those signs. AWESOME.
I waited almost 2 hours for my blood work to come back.  They were checking for liver function and Creatin levels.  My blood work came back normal.  Sadly, there was a +1 reading of protein in my urine.  FAIL.
My next step wasn't so pretty.  The nurse came back in with a basin, a giant orange jug and a pee "hat."  I was then instructed to go home, and put the hat on my toilet and use it to collect a 24 hour urine sample.  I am sure my confused look caused her to elaborate further.  I was to collect urine EVERY TIME I went to the bathroom for 24 hours.  EVERY TIME.  Are you kidding me?!
I packed up my goodie bag of pee collecting supplies and they sent me on my way. 
I decided to treat myself to a soda a french fries.  I mean, hey... I had earned it.  I went home and collected for 24 hours.  It was a giant hassle.  Oh, and did I mention I had to keep it on ice?  If I would have let it sit, it would have grown bacteria, so I had the jug, in the basin, surrounded by ice, just sitting on the hamper in my bathroom.  G-Ross....
I dropped it off at the hospital lab and I am waiting on those results now.  I should get the call after lunch.
I have a biophysical ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00am.  Depending on what the urine says and what the ultrasound says, Sully could be here as early as next week.  I really hope that we can hold off until my mom gets here.  Her plane gets in to town at 2pm on the 21st and I would really want her to be here.  Obviously, we will do whatever is best for Sully, but I hope she can be here.
We will know more tomorrow and then be able to make a plan from there.  I am excited to finally have him out in the world instead of constantly worrying about something happening with the pregnancy.  And, I am back to vomiting every day so I am most definitely looking forward to that stopping. :-)
I am hoping I hear the urine results today so I am can quit worrying about it!

On a more positive note, I have my bag all packed for the hospital.  Sully's room is ready to go and speaking of that, here are some pics:

A view from his doorway!  Cute!

                         His little organizer and books!


I am obsessed with this built in!

       That little sign says,
"Twinkle, Twinkle little star.  Do you know
          how loved you are?"


I love this swing!

So Adorable!

His friends are waiting for him! :-)

I just love how his nursery turned out!  It is simple, clean and adorable! 

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

36 Weeks 1 Day

So here we are:  almost full term.  I still can't believe it.  I am getting more and more anxious to meet our little buddy.
I also can't believe I have doctor appointments every Monday now and if Sully isn't here by the 21st, then we will induce on the 23rd.  That is a short 19 days away.  I can't believe I have gone from counting down by months, to weeks, and now, days.  Part of me thinks I won't have to be induced and he will come before that.  I have been having a few small contractions here and there; nothing crazy.  I also feel that when I go in for my appointment on Monday, I think I am dilated a little.  I have been getting that pain in my lady station that they told us about in birthing class. 
I am one of many people I know that are pregnant right now and some of them have started having their babies and I am anxiously awaiting my turn. 

I have my last pre-pregnancy commitment tomorrow.  Tomorrow is Women Rock and I am very excited for it.  It is a big women's retreat and all the proceeds benefit breast cancer.  It is a ton of work and I will be glad to put this year's event behind me.  I an running slightly ragged and I am looking forward to being done with all of my prior commitments.

All of a sudden pregnancy brain has taken over, and I have completely lost my train of thought for this post.  Oh well, I will have more to share on Monday anyway!
Have a good weekend all!