Friday, April 20, 2012

It's a baptism, baby!

I finally found a minute in my day to post about Sullivan's wonderful baptism. 
My dad and Sandymom came into town on Wednesday for work and I was so excited for them to be here for the baptism.  We spent most of the week having family dinners, hanging out and laughing until our sides hurt.
Of course Sandymom was basically wanting to be with Sully James the whole time and I could tell he loved all the attention he was getting from his Granny.  Since my parents now live in North Carolina, I waited until they got here to give Sully his first taste of sweet potatoes.  Man, he LOVED them.  I basically couldn't shovel it in fast enough.  He looks so stinkin' cute when he eats... but then again, he is cute all of the time:

MMmmm.. sweet 'tatoes.

And like I said, Sully loved the extra Granny time:

Sully and his Granny

We also got my brother Zack to hold Sully for the first time.  It was pretty funny.  He gets so nervous around babies, but his girlfriend Chelsey and I pretty much forced him to hold his nephew.  Sully's face says it all:

Uncle Zack, Sully and Auntie Chelsey

On Saturday, we spent the day shopping with Sandymom and M and her daughter and some of our other friends.  It was so much fun!  There was babies and Grannys everywhere.  The kids were so good too!  The Children's Place has these awesome jammies with little elastic bands on the ankles so baby's feet stay in the footies... they are basically the bees knees. :-)  I bought Mr. Sully a few pairs.  They just fit so well.  Usually they are about $15 a pop, but they had them on sale for $6 each!  How could I pass them up?
Baby L had huge diaper blow out and while Sully and I were waiting for M to change her, we had a little photo shoot in the mall:

Smile, Handsome!

Silly face!

This was also the first time that Sully sat in the stroller like a big boy.  Usually I just attach his car seat, but he was so wide awake that I just put him in the stroller part and he loved it.  He probably felt like Mr. Big Man. Hahah

Sunday was his baptism.  The boys lounged in bed while I was running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off.  I had to make sure the cakes were ready, Sully's tux was steamed and wait for my in laws to arrive.  Here is a pic of my shirtless boys lounging while Mama was running around the house:

My boys are very studly...

My in laws got to our house and we caravaned to church.  Sully was so stinkin' cute in his white tux.  He was so well behaved too.  The baptism itself was a beautiful service.  I didn't cry, and I am very proud of myself.  I am still so grateful for our little Sully Bear, that I swear his poop would drive me into a throng of appreciative tears. T and M are his God Parents and they are just great. They are amazing friends and they love him so much:

Happy Baptism, Sullivan James!

After his baptism, we all went out to lunch at Green Mill.  I had reserved the private room and it was nice to have a little space all to ourselves.  I put his cakes out, and there was a table for all his cards. We had about 20 people having lunch with us and it was shaping up to be such a great day.  The only thing missing was my brother Nick.  You might remember that he is proudly serving our country in Operation: New Dawn.  He has been in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.  He was supposed to be home today.  My parents were so sad that they were going to miss him while they were in town, since they lef ton Monday; Sandymom especially.  We hadn't seen him since his leave in December.
After lunch, we were sitting around having cake.  I was standing near the doorway of the room when my dad said, "Hey, how about this?"  I turned around, and there was my brother!  He had literally just gotten off the bus and was still in full fatigues.  He wanted to surprise us.  There was not a dry eye in the place.  Waitresses and other patrons were blubbering too.  What a great surprise!  Now the day was really complete:

Sandymom and Nick... we are so happy you are back, safe and sound!

Sully was even very glad to have him home:

Welcome Home, Uncle Nick!

I really could not have asked for a more perfect weekend.  Of course it ended with Sully getting his first cold, but I think it was worth it. :-) We are so lucky and blessed to have the family, friends and life that we have.  We are gearing up for another fun weekends of BBQs and my mom and Ken coming home from their winter in Florida.  I can't even wait!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sick Boy

I am so behind on my posts, that it isn't even funny. I have my PAIL blogroll April theme post almost finished; but of course I couldn't get it turned in on time. :-(
And we had Sully's baptism on Sunday & that was full of amazingness & a HUGE surprise & I still have to post about all that!

I would have been able to post, but, Sullivan officially has his first cold. He has been sickly since Sunday night. Stuffy nose & lots of drainage. We've been co-sleeping the last few nights so he could be on an incline. It's been some pretty rough nights with not much sleep. To top off this snot infested start to the week, the cold spread to his sinuses, which sent cold germs to his eyes ... causing freakin pink eye! Ugh! We spent two hours in the urgent care. The doc decides to treat us both because I have home for two days with him.

Sully is finally feeling ok & is in his own bed tonight. ;) Keep your fingers crossed that we're on the tail end of this illness.

I will post the other posts too!
Have a great day ladies!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail....

I am going to have to make this a quick post because I have a jillion and one things to do, and I want to write the April PAIL blog post so I gotta get the Easter post in now!

We went to my in laws this past weekend for Sully's first Easter. I have been planning for weeks and I was so damn excited to play the Easter bunny.  I typed up clues, packed his Easter basket to the brim and I was so excited on Saturday night that I could barely sleep.  When Sully woke up Easter morning, I changed him out of his pajamas and into his "My First Easter" shirt.  I had him sit with my mother in law, while I sneakily hid the three clues.  After his basket and the corresponding clues were in the correct locations, I took Sully around the house with Robert, reading him all his little riddles.  It was funny because he actually seemed into it and was giggling and laughing. 

The last last clue lead us to the kitchen, where I had hidden the basket.  When I opened the door, I said, "There it is! Look!  The Easter Bunny came for you!"  And he just let out a huge giggle and got all excited.  It was beyond adorable.  I took him back in the living room and sat him on the recliner.  I put his Easter basket next to him and he just giggled and smiled and played with his toys.  You'd think that he would lose interest or get fussy, but he actually sat in the chair and laughed and played with all his toys for almost 45 minutes!  It was entertainment to watch him:

Here is his basket:

We also stopped and visited Robert's grandmother, who was recently transferred to a nursing home. She fell and broke her heel a few weeks ago, but she seems to be really thriving in her new home. She used to be employed by the nursing home she is living at so she knows everyone there.  While we were visiting, we snapped a Four Generations picture:

From l to R: Robert's Mom, Sully, Robert's Grandmother, Robert

We had an amazing weekend, and now we are looking forward to another very fun week and weekend!  My dad and Sandymom are in from NC this week and Sully's baptism is on Sunday.  My parents got in town late last night and I cannot WAIT for this work day to be over.  They are going to be at our house right after work and I am basically willing the clock to move faster.  We haven't seen them since Christmas and I am antsy for them to see how Sully has changed and what a ham he is.

Have a great Wednesday ladies!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A pile of randomness

Morning ladies!

Work has been absolutely insane and at night we are just as busy and I feel terrible that I have been a slacker on posting again! 

We are in massive prep mode for my dad and Sandymom to come home from NC for a visit next week. Sullivan is being baptised on the 15th and I am very excited that my family will be here for that as well.  I am also keeping my fingers crossed that my brother will be home from Iraq for it as well. I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but it would just make my day if he could be there.  The tux for Sully's baptism is just the bees knees. He is going to look so handsome!  My parents haven't seen Sully since he was like 3 weeks old so I am chomping at the bit for them to get here. My parents are antsy too.  They will be here for almost a week and I am so thrilled to be able to spend quality time with them and Sully and Robert.

We had a big day in our house this week; Sully had rice cereal for the first time!  The cardiologist wanted us to start the cereal before his second surgery because he would be 6 months old for surgery and then recovery time so they wanted it started before then.  I plan on making all of Sullivan's food but I obviously cannot make rice cereal so I was thankful that there was a Whole Foods to get some organic rice cereal.  We put a bib on him and mixed up a little batch.  At first, he didn't know what to think.  He smacked his lips and furrowed his brow and seemed unsure about what he thought about it.  After a few bites though, he was loving it! 

Unsure.... but then...


We mixed a little banana in there last night and he really enjoyed that. We are going to take it slowly and add a new food every week or so.  I can't believe my little man is eating foods now!  He showed his appreciation to me by pooping up his back before dinner last night. FAIL.  We had to give him a tubby again because it was everywhere!  He looks so adorable all squeaky clean and smellin' handsome:

I am so excited for Sunday!  I am so excited to play the Easter Bunny!  I am sure Sully James will love his overflowing Easter basket.

Well, I am only working a half day tomorrow and then it is off to the Cities for Easter!  I am so pumped!