Friday, July 12, 2013

Colten update

I have guarded good news. I just spoke to Colten's mom, and the bleeding has slowed way down and his labs are looking good. He isn't out of the woods yet, but this is definitely the direction we wanna go in. 

Thanks for everything ladies. This kid and his family are so awesome. I just want them to be able to bring their son home. 

Love always, 


I haven't blogged in two months and some time soon, when the world stops being so insane, I will apologize and update. For now, I need prayers for a very good friend of mine. 
Her son is a heart warrior like Sully. Baby Colten had had 6 open heart surgeries since he was born in February. He is only 5 months old and had never even been home. As of today, he and his parents have been at Children'a Minneapolis, the same hospital we were at, for 154 days. Can you imagine?! 

Colten had open heart surgery #6 yesterday. Things were going miraculously well and then in the evening, things took a turn. Colten started bleeding profusely from his chest tubes and he had to be put on ECMO (life support heart and lung machine.) 

Things are critical. He just got his 3rd chest tube placed. This boy is so strong and his parents are amazing. They need all the prayers and good vibes they can get. I'm asking everyone to pray and send good thoughts to Colten and his family. 

You can read his story here: 

Thank you guys. And I've still been reading the blogs and I'm so excited for Heather and Katharine to have their babies!!

Miss you all! I will write soon. Sully is perfect! :)