Monday, February 10, 2014

I really could have sworn that I updated after Christmas, but I guess time is flying faster then I thought. 

Things have been so wonderful around here lately.  At the end of December, I got a promotion.  I work for a non-profit law firm, and needless to say, the opportunity to advance is slim to none.  I have been here for almost six years.  I was doing intake, and as much community education in our city as I could.  I was always tethered to the office and that wasn't fun nor was it using my talents to their full potential.  After working with my boss and our board, my new position was finally approved.  I am now the paralegal and case handler for our elder law project, community outreach, fundraising, and social media. It sounds like a lot but I'm so excited for it. Most of the stuff I have been doing for almost 2 years now, but now I will be getting paid for it. :-) 

We have decided to sell our house in the next year, and upgrade to a bigger house.  We have talked more about TTC again, and there is no doubt that we will need a bigger house.  We have 3 bedrooms but one bedroom is in the basement and my hubby currently uses it as a mancave.  And I need a bigger kitchen!  I have been doing lots more cooking in the past few years so I want to have more room to do that.  
We were going to list the house this summer, but the city decided to re-do our road, boulevards, sidewalks, sewers, the whole she-bang.  The best part?  Because our road was damaged in the 2012 flood, we will not be assessed!  I am so pumped about that, especially since my husband and I own four lots!
We will wait until road construction is done and then list the house. 

Sully is growing like a weed!  Most of his shirts are 3T but he can still fit into some 18 month pants.  He has a skinny waist and a long torso.  He is continuing to amaze us with how smart he is.  Some of his new things:
                 * Spelling some words:  Mama, Sully, Dad
                 * Doing his ABC's
                 * Speaking in full sentences 99% of the time.  My favorite is: May I have all the fruit snacks please? Hahah
Every day he shocks me at how much he is learning.  He still is showing zero interest in the potty training department.  My mom is coming from Florida next week to stay with us for 10 days.  I think we are going to tackle some potty training then.  I am taking those 10 days off from work so I am hoping we can get a little jump on it. 

On Sunday we had a party for all the heart families in our area.  There were about 50 of us there and it was so fun!  We were at the Children's museum.  Famous Dave's catered the event and my friend who owns a bakery donated a beautiful cake.  The kids ran together, and played together and had a great time!

It was such a good time!   I can't wait to do it again! The museum was fun too and we are going to get a membership so we can bring Sully there to play more. 

There was a million things I wanted to write, but that will have to do. I will leave you with tons of pictures!

Christmas morning

Sully calls B dubbs the "Buffalo Bird Store."


This kid cracks me up!

So handsome!

Robert surprised me with a citrine wedding band (Sully's birthstone) for Christmas.  I love it!

Pins for the heart party!

Sully is too cute!

Have a great week everyone!!  If you're still out there.. hahah!

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