Monday, May 13, 2013

Almost 2 months Courtney?? Really?!

I can't really believe it's been since the end of March since I wrote last.  I swear, time just escapes me and I look for ways to slow it down.
There has been nothing earth shattering going on here; just lots of fun, day to day things.

Sully is the smartest boy ever.  I'm pretty sure of that.  He will be 18 months old tomorrow.. yep, I have a year and a half year old boy.  See, this is what I mean about time.  I swear, I was just hurling my brains out, sweating like a beached whale from pregnancy, and now I have an 18 month old.  WOW.

Sully is running all over the place and talking so much.  The doctors say he has the vocabulary of a 2 1/2 year old.. maybe it's because I yak non-stop too.  His favorite thing is to swing open the bathroom door and say, 'Whattaya doin'?"  Well, thank goodness I have no dignity anymore. 
He is also counting to five, starting to do his ABCs, and he is a dancing machine.  Any time there is music, he is shakin' his fanny.  I love it.
He loves to help me make dinner, play trucks, yell at our cat, and color.  He is getting pretty good with a spoon and fork too.  He still makes a mess, but it isn't as disastrous and before. :-)

Robert and I are doing great too.  Work is busy as ever.  The snow has FINALLY melted and our yard looks vile.  We hire out the first yard clean up so it looks like I'm gonna have to call that guy.  I can't stand and unkempt yard.  We got new living room furniture, which I'm in love with.  I hated our old couch and never sat on it, so I'm beyond thrilled to have a new couch and chair, in the color I want, and it is so comfy.  Sully likes it too.  We're gearing up for a fun filled summer.  My parents are back for the summer so there will be many weekend spent with them, riding the golf cart, swimming, shopping, grilling, playing... I'm really looking forward to it.

We're still doing a lot with Project Heart to Heart.  It has actually gotten pretty big and we are looking to file a 5013c on it and make it legit.  We are helping with a benefit for a little boy from our area who is on the same floor Sully was.  He is 3 months old and has had FIVE open heart surgeries and they just put a pacemaker in last week.  He has been in the hospital since birth.  It just breaks my heart.  Cardiac mamas, man, we are tough as nails.  The good news is that they took him off the ventilator this weekend after he had been on for 3 weeks, and he smiled at his mama.  It was a nice moment.  I've been helping get silent auction items and I have been pretty successful!  Cross your fingers that the benefit goes smoothly!

Like I said, nothing earth shattering, but like is amazing. I hope you ladies had an amazing Mother's Day.  I know I did.  I'm so lucky every day that God chose me to be Sully's mom.  How cool is that?  I must've done something right to get that distinction. :-)
I will end this post with a photobomb of how cute my Mr. is.
Have a great week!

Monster and I on Mother's Day!


Apparently, Sully is bringing the beer...

Takin' a cruise!

Cupcakes are good...

Fun on the farm!

Good morning!

(Funny note: The pics above were taken after I got the new iPhone 5.  The quality is amazing. The pics below were still taken with my Droid 3.. I didn't notice how bad the Droid pics were until I saw them next to each other!  So glad we upgraded!)

Sully "Planking" Hahahaha!

Sully's Easter basket

Dropping our donations off at Ronald McDonald House!

Family pic after dropping donations off at Children's Hospital.


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